“Annabelle Comes Home” A Quality Sequel

This is a film that, pretty much, gets right to it without sacrificing the story or character development. Now I know we, the audience, have been with this story through five films, but in this chapter we are introduced to a new set of characters and we see the daughter come into her own being the star of this film.

I will have to say that this film most closely lines up with The Conjuring out of all of the series. The aesthetic, the lighting, the acting and the story all joined together to make a beautiful recipe of chaos and torment.
One of the things I most enjoyed about this film is that the story moves along quickly, but without the feeling of being rushed. I mean we do jump right into it with the Warren’s coming back from just having picked up Annabelle from the nurse roommates, a throwback to the first film, and it’s when they’re on their way home to incarcerate the evil that dwells within it when their car dies and Annabelle takes this opportunity to lash out at them with dramatic results. This is just a taste of things to come.
We pick up where the Warren’s have brought Annabelle to their house, but have to almost immediately go out of town and so they leave their daughter Judy, played masterfully by Mckenna Grace, in the care of their trusted babysitter played by Madison Iseman (who did a wonderful job). Things start out normal, with there being an early preparation for Judy’s birthday. until Madison’s friend Daniela stops by. Now Daniela is played by Katie Sarife and she is the catalyst for this movies progression.
Daniela comes over to the house to hang out with Madison, but it is quickly shown that Daniela has ulterior motives. She wants to get into the Warren’s museum and, or course, finds a way to do so. I’m sure you can guess what happens next. There is a snowball effect as a maelstrom of wickedness erupts!
The effects are wonderful and on point on both the practical and CG side of things, but I will say that it is the acting that really pushes this film! You will find yourself talking, if not yelling, at the screen at the events unfolding! It was a roller coaster indeed! As I had mentioned there are some WONDERFUL performances in this film. Thank particular note of Michael Cimino, who plays the character of Bob. He brings a wholesome subtlety to his character that really makes him stand out.
Out of all of films in this franchise this one is the closest to the first one in terms of story and aesthetic. I do actually recommend this film and would not mind seeing it again.