American Killing is a Surprisingly Wild Ride


Overview: Creator and writer for a popular cartoon series, Jeb, is given an ultimatum (fix it or cancelled) and sent on a secluded retreat with his team. Things take a dark turn when his obsession becomes psychosis, culminating in the unwitting participation of a murderous “reality show” where the cast has no idea that they are being filmed and manipulated.

Cons: The dialogue could have been stronger.

Pros: I loved the musical score, it really brought the sense of foreboding and tension that the film needed. The cinematography was really good, giving this a feeling of seclusion and darkness when the dialogue didn’t. The story line was fresh and original, poor Jeb was clearly not right in the head and the rest of his team was very uncomfortable when he was around. The cast did a fantastic job bringing this unease and tension to life while trying to make their time together tolerable so that they could get the job done. There is a little drama and bickering but collectively, they all get the heebee jeebies from Jeb.

I really enjoyed the Murder on the Orient Express/Carrie/ Psycho vibes that I got from this film, there wasn’t any backstory as it began rather abruptly so you just have to go along for the ride and figure it out along the way. They (editing team) do a fantastic job of bringing the scenes together so that it is clear at the end.

Trevor Peterson is Jeb and he is so good at being crazy and yet vulnerable that his performance alone makes this movie worth watching! Its not gory but the death scenes are intense. Don’t think you’ve got it figured out though, dear reader. They have a few surprises for you that will blow your mind…

Conclusion: I really enjoyed American Killing a lot. The cast and crew give us a fresh storyline and a glimpse into real psychosis that hasn’t been seen on screen in a really long time.

It isn’t big budget but it is put together well, so grab some popcorn and give it a go!