‘American Gods’ Season 2 Premiere: See you at the House on the Rock


Welcome back to the war between the old Gods and the new, with everyone’s favorite coin-trick-performing convict Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) and a whole host of allies and enemies gathering their forces!

After the obligatory previously on American Gods shots, we are treated to a rant from Mister World himself, admirably played by Crispin Glover, as he snarls and simpers his eerie way through reasoning with Technical Boy (Bruce Langley). There is only one thing Mister World commands to Technical Boy be done, like the effective deity he is, and that is, find Media. Ooh, foreshadowing.

Elsewhere, our heroes and down-at-heel Gods have made it to the House on the Rock. In the book, the scenes are mighty different, for the addition of a single element to the car ride throws a good deal of possibility into the ether, the presence of dead-wife Laura Moon (Elizabeth Browning).

Anyway, a good deal of fascinating information about the House on the Rock and it’s maker, the history of the House itself, and on and on the story goes, is delivered to everyone. Anansi the filthy-mouthed storytelling spider-God (Orlando Jones), has joined the party, and Queen Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) has made an uninvited showing, intent on being heard as well. And now, everyone is to take a ride on the largest carousel in the world, full of golden flashing lights and fantastical beasts on display, with laughing old Gods riding them, beckoning for Shadow to join them, as we make for an epic meeting of the old Gods.

The scene of the old Gods conversing in Odin’s old hall, “backstage” as the old Gods called it, was done fairly well, I thought. Though heavily reliant on CGI and some odd color choices might abound, the scenes do come across as understandable for what they are meant to be: old Norse God Odin (Ian McShane), trying to convince several other old Gods to join him in the war against the New Gods that’s coming.

This is about where the show and the book take a diverge for a while, which is fine. Next thing Shadow knows, we’re here in a diner and Wednesday is schmoozing the old Gods with goofy food and cheap wine, while Anansi and Czernobog (Peter Stormare) brood with Shadow, and Laura and Mad Sweeney commiserate of the left-out. But death is about to come screaming through the windows, and in the confusion of trying to take down the shooter, Shadow is captured by the opposition!

Stay tuned to Starz next week for the return of Media on ‘American Gods’ Season 2!