A Night Where Angels Walk Amongst the Stars

Courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation hosts the 2015 Be Beautiful Be Yourself  Fashion Show Fundraiser on October 24. All proceeds will benefit the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome.

That’s My Entertainment’s favorite actor, John C. McGinley who has starred in such great television series such as “Scrubs” and “Ground Floor” will be accomapnying self advocate models at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s annual fashion fundraiser Be Beautiful Be Yourself.

The event attracts the stars down from all over the entertainment world every year to participate in this noteworthy cause. This year’s celebrity escorts include: Beau Bridges, Jamie Foxx, Minka Kelly, Terrence Howard, Beverly Johnson, Kyra Phillips, John Roberts, Miss Colorado Kelly Johnson, Chris Kuper, Carlos Gonzalez, Kenneth Faried, Emmanuel Mudiay, Britton Colquitt, Brandon McManus, Ashley Harhigh, Angela Wood and of course, John C. McGinley.

The event brought in over 9.5 million dollars in that has funded advocacy, research and education.  It is one of the most active Down Syndrome groups in the country that continues to make strides in research and legislation for individuals with special needs.

From John C McGinley's Twitter Feed
From John C McGinley’s Twitter Feed

McGinley’s son Max, now 19 years old, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and lives in Malibu with John’s wife Nichole and his two sisters Kate and Billie Grace. Max is doing well and spends a great deal of time with his family where his current loves are “Star Wars” and “Mario Brothers”.

When John is not on the stage or screen he devotes his time to his family and advocacy for down syndrome.  He is currently  on the board of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and has been “pretty stunned”  about how active the GDSF was.

For more information on donating to this fundraiser, learning more about Down Syndrome of the GDSF, please go to http://www.globaldownsyndrome.org.