A Documentary About Jeff Cahill Book’s Its Way Into Festivals


Release Date: January 1,2014
Runtime: 22 min
Director: Timothy Patrick
Genre: Documentary
Stars: Jeff Cahill, Nic Adler, Kimberly Arevalo
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The Booker is a  short about Jeff Cahill’s life booking bands on The Sunset Strip. Jeff Cahill  has had a history of booking bands for many iconic venues in Las Angeles The Viper Room and The Key Club. Jeff settled down at the Roxy Theatre at On The Rox, a dark stylish lounge with a small stage and cutting edge music. Jeff was hired onto the club in Jan 2010, and booked bands at On The Rox up until his death in Jan 2013.  He was a risk taker with an eye for talent.  He focused on local artists and created an empowering environment for musicians.  He brought the club to a new standard as the place to go for the hottest music and the Hollywood elite.

The documentary is beautifully shot and very real.  Everything is relative to the industry that this film surrounds.  The film was a winner in the LA independent film festival and with no surprise as it was very well put together.  Each of the interviews were pertinent to the story and you really get a sense of what Jeff does and how his work influences the community. This filmmaker shows some promise and I am looking forward to seeing more work from him.

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