A 3 Minute Hug Is A Short Film Coming To Netflix That Brings Audiences To Its Knees


On May 12, 2018, the border between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico was opened temporarily for a breathlessly awaited reunion. On a barren embankment along the Rio Bravo, family members who had been denied asylum, deported, or separated for more than 10 years were allowed to meet at the border for a precious few minutes. Organized by the Border Network for Human Rights, the Hugs Not Walls reunification event gave over 300 separated families the opportunity to connect — to embrace, kiss, and lovingly admonish each other as only families can. Directed by Everardo González and Executive Produced by Gael Garcia Bernal, A 3 Minute Hug captures the elation and crushing heartbreak these families share in their all-too-brief moments together.

This short film will bring you to tears with just a simple gesture.
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