Review by Jordan Brandes

The nominations for the 2016 Academy Awards were released today and while there were many great names on the roster what was lacking was diversity. There was not a single person of color represented in any of the acting categories. That says quite a lot about how the industry views its talent.

The biggest sucker punch came from Creed. The underdog movie won the hearts of both audiences and critics but it wasn’t lead actor Michael B. Jordan that on the Academy’s praise. Instead it was veteran actor Sylvester Stallone that received the nod. Granted it was his franchise and the movie was all about passing the torch but it was Jordan that really earned it.

Also overlooked was Samuel L. Jackson in The Hateful Eight. Jackson has put in the time yet very rarely gets the recognition for roles that go above and beyond what is expected of them. Say what you will about The Hateful Eight but by the time the credits roll it is a movie that belongs to Jackson. Yet not even a mention of it this year. Instead it is Jennifer Jason Leigh who ended up getting the Academy’s attention in the film which is almost boggling considering how much screen time she has in the film.  Both Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson should walk away with a statue for that movie.

The only real acknowledgement of minorities on film this year is for Straight Outta Compton which is up for Best Original Screenplay. Unfortunately it’s up against Ex Machina, Inside Out and Bridge of Spies so it doesn’t stand a real chance of winning.

IF you want to take a look at what the Academy missed just glance over at the NAACP Awards which didn’t let anything get by them. Teyonah Parris got some well-deserved respect for her role in Spike Lee’s Chiraq. The movie may not have been the best but she shined in it and stole the screen. She’s going up against heavyweight Zoe Saldana for her role in Infinitely Polar Bear. This from the Best Actress category which is filled with little seen gems that were released this year but never made the public’s radar.

The rest of the nominations read the same way. There is tremendous talent out there they just aren’t getting the respect they deserve.