You Should Be Watching Stan Against Evil


Stan Against Evil‘s sophomore season airs this November and That’s My Entertainment is here to get you up to speed on one of TV’s most underrated shows. The IFC comedy/horror tells the tale of former Sheriff Stan Miller who reluctantly must fight a plague of assorted demons that have taken over the town.

The show unfolds like an ongoing mystery as each episode gives us more insight into our heroes, all of which are rookies in the demon fighting business. With snappy writing and an old school approach to horror the show quickly became an indie darling and an instant cult classic.

Though the premise of the show is basic enough it is the cast that really sells it. The chemistry between newly minted Sheriff Evie Barret’s (Janet Varney) nearly constant push and pull with former lawman Stan Miller (John C. McGinley) is the main attraction and deservedly so.

Each episode is short and sweet, pure meat and potatoes horror with just enough comedy to turn the genre on its head. Thankfully those looking to catch up with series won’t have much of a problem.  At about a half hour an episode newbies can burn through the whole series about four hours. Perfect for a Fall weekend.

The complete first season of Stan Against Evil can be found for free on Hulu Plus, other streaming services have it as well but for a price.