WonderCon 2022: The Panel With Kevin Smith!


Snoochie Boochies WonderCon Noochies! WonderCon closed out its first night of panels with a spotlight on the writer, director, podcaster, pop culture commentator, and self-proclaimed “general nuisance”, Kevin Smith.

Hot off post-production of the upcoming “Clerks III”, Smith was welcomed to the stage by a full crowd in one of Anaheim Convention Center’s largest auditoriums. After warming up the crowd by asking that no one storm the stage and strike him (For more on that, Google another Smith), Smith kicked off an hour of general Q&A. Smith has been known for doing this for years at various colleges and comedy clubs all over the world. Several of his Q&As have even been filmed for DVD release under the “Evening With Kevin Smith” banner.

After nearly an hour of providing advice to young artists and divulging in tales of his most beloved superheroes, Smith ended emotionally. In 2010, shortly after the release of Smith’s 9th film, “Cop Out”, it was revealed to the public that Smith had clashed frequently with the film’s star, Bruce Willis all throughout production. Smith was very vocal about Willis’s erratic and selfish behavior and had remained so for many years. Smith revealed that when news broke of Willis’s aphasia diagnosis last week, he broke down, realizing that maybe there was a reason for the bad blood between the two of them. He then told the audience of a conversation he’d had just days ago with “Cop Out”

screenwriter Mark Cullen, who told Smith that Willis had relayed to him that working on “Cop Out” was some of the most fun he’d had and that he wished things hadn’t ended so badly between the two of them. After shedding a few tears during this emotional speech, Smith reminded the audience to applaud Bruce Willis, “The Greatest Of All Time”.