TME First Look: Stay


Stay is a film that is deeply rooted in the consciousness of every grown up child who realizes one day, the parents who they love and cherish will slowly deteriorate before their very eyes and accept that they won’t be there forever.  This film written by Krystle Hickman and Carson Turell as co-writer addresses the life of a young woman who can not handle the slow death of her mother; the rock of which the family has rested upon from birth. Instead of facing this obstacle head on, she abandons those around her, dodging any signs of what was inevitable.  As a result a hard hitting fact of life becomes a lesson that will take its toll.

This heartfelt story is one of many experiences in life that this courageous group is addressing.  Director Ruth West takes this story to a new level and adds a supernatural twist to this story similar to Halle Berry’s “Gothika”.

It will be interesting to see the final product of this film as the team has brought on VFX artist Jon Julsrud who most recently worked on Marvel’s “Captain America”.