Timelock has moments of genius scattered throughout just not enough of them


[divider]At its core Time Lock is about a botched robbery and two men coming to terms with the consequences, which is a fascinating idea. The only problem is it takes forever for the film to actually get there and once it does nothing much is done with it. A heist film, especially one where the clock is supposed to be ticking, is designed to have tension. But that is surprisingly lacking throughout the film giving it a lack of drive.

To its credit the cast does a fantastic job with the material they are given. Mark (John C. Gilmour) is down on his luck with a nasty addiction to gambling. This gets the attention of Callum (Alton Milne) a con man who sees Mark as the perfect opportunity to rob the hotel he manages. After multiple threats Mark agrees and within minutes the robbery itself has gone disastrously wrong. Unfortunately rather than use that to build tension, both characters end up spending most of the movie sitting around. One scene has Miline actually dozing off after the heist has taken place. Stuff like that needs to end up the cutting room floor.

There are moments of genius scattered throughout just not enough of them. Both Gilmour and Milne play well off of each other but the plot is too flimsy for them to really carry the film for more than hour, Gilmour’s character gets almost 20 full minutes of backstory before the main plot kicks in most of which is barely used. According to IMDB the film was released in 2013 and is only just now being released in the U.S. Whether that is due to lack of faith on the studio’s part of a bad box office return overseas the wait won’t help boost interest on this side of the pond.