Thor: Ragnarok Blu-Ray Packed with Goodies


Marvel knows what fans want isn’t afraid to give it to them. The plethora of extra features and bonus material on the Thor: Ragnarok blu-ray proves that much. Yes the DVD will still have a high-quality version of the film but if you loved the movies as much as me you’re going to want to get the blu-ray edition.

The entire disc just screams with the personality of visionary director Taika Waititi and bursts with all the personality of the film itself. It’s bright, funny and contains weird little tidbits that will make viewers smile in delight. Take, for instance, the 8-bit scenes. Tucked deep in the special feature section is a series of 8-bit videos that the filmmakers created to help them build some of the more complicated action sequences.  The result is something that’s somehow ultra-low budget and totally in-line with the style and tone of the film. It’s kind of genius.

Then there’s the short film “Team Darryl”, itself a sequel to the short film on the Captain America: Civil War blu-ray which had Thor as the roommate of a random guy in New Zealand. This time Thor is gone and The Grandmaster, fresh off Ragnarok, has taken his place. Watching Jeff Goldblum ham it up back on Earth is worth the price of the blu-ray alone. Here’s hoping Darryl has at least a cameo in Infinity War.

Honestly there’s a solid four or five hours of extras on the blu-ray, enough to keep anyone busy for the good part of a day. The director commentary from Waititi is so wildly different from most commentaries that it brings a fresh to new angle to the film itself. Not only is it a relatively unique perspective since Waititi was both an actor and director on the film but it’s riddled with jokes that show just how much fun everyone had on set.  To say Waititi was a hands-on director is an understatement. After listening to the commentary it’s clear that he was not just directing but played at least three characters, not including Korg.

One interesting side-effect of getting to see extra scenes or deleted scenes in modern movies such as Thor is it gives the audience the chance to see how the sausage is made. In a couple of the deleted scenes on the disc fans will get a first-hand look at just how far the CGI for Hulk has come. There’s a key scene between Thor and Hulk where the CGI was clearly still in process and it looks like something out of the mid-90s. It’s almost jarring in contrast to the final result, which is easily the best Hulk we’ve seen on screen yet. More proof that there’s still a lot of work to be done on the production end of filmmaking long after the movie itself has wrapped. It should be noted that the movie itself is still beautiful on blu-ray. The digital transfer is seamless and all the details really pop on screen. The whole package looks like a work of art.