The Muppets Are Back


The Muppets

Tuesday Nights 8/7 central


Those loveable rascals are back and funnier than ever. The Muppets return in a new mockumentary style show executive produced by Bob Kushell (Anger Management, Subpurgatory). Kermit and the gang are back in full force and have some stories to tell. The Muppets is a refreshing look at the personal lives of our favorite characters and answer some questions that people were just afraid to ask. It’s delightfully clever where the characters are making a show within a show. The characters are relatable but make no mistake. This show is not meant for kids. The groups that are boycotting this new format really haven’t watched the old muppet show and missed all the innuendos from way back when.

Here is a sample of the new look and feel of the Muppets. Be sure to check it out Tuesday nights on ABC 8/7 central.