Their Finest: The title does not deceive


Their Finest, a beautifully shot film set against the dark and dismal landscape of 1940’s England.

First off to say that the cinematography in this film was outstanding. Everything from Landscapes to the interior shots were magnificent!

The story starts out what are young lady played by Gemma Arterton who’s applying for, what she believes is, a secretarial position. She quickly finds out that this is actually a script writing position. This comes as an absolute shock to her. Film she is essentially chucked into the deep end joining a team of two gentlemen have the task of penning a film designed to increase morale of the English people who have been suffering with the non-stop onslaught of bombings coming from Nazi Germany.

Of course, there are many struggles for the writers as they have to appease the political structure of time. One of the biggest struggles that we see is that her and her husband are in very difficult times as he is injured and unable to get kind of work that is needed to support his family. Her husband is a painter seeking Galleries and such to Showcase his art. Gemma’s character, Catrin Cole, must overcome some serious obstacles in order to complete her task. There is, of course, attitude of the time mandating the women usually must stay home running headlong into the new ideals women in the workforce.

Throughout the film we see the devastation of war as well as the spirit to carry on exhibited by the British people.

Within this film magnificent peformances abound! You have Bill Nighy, Eddie Marsan, and Jeremy Irons, just to name a few. Everything comes together like a well performed concert.

In short definitely go see this film!