The Walking Dead Season 8 Off To A Great Start



All bets are off as Rick Grimes and Co. launch an all out war against the villainous Negan in the season 8 premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. The show’s previous season had garnered criticism from critics and fans alike for being too drawn out and not having enough action. If this premiere episode is any indicator, the complaints were definitely heard.

When we last left Alexandria, Rick, Maggie, and King Ezekiel had successfully warded off Negan and the Saviors in a massive firefight. This episode picks up shortly after the last season ended, wasting no time in Alexandria, the Hilltop, and The Kingdom reclaiming their freedom from Negan’s evil clutches. The sanctions quickly march on Negan’s lair, and after a brief attempt at negotiation by Rick, a massive firefight ensues, attracting a bevy of walkers to the scene endangering all parties involved. The episode also includes brief visions from Rick of a would-be future, in which he lives a quiet happy life with Michonne, Carl, and Judith.

This episode really brought back what made audiences adore The Walking Dead. While the last season featured more talking than doing, this action-packed episode is a sure indicator that this “All Out War” is not to be missed.