TAG One of the Summer’s Best Surprises

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing…”

For 30 years, five friends have been playing the same game of tag since their childhood. Each year for the entire month of May, Hogan(Helms), Bob(Hamm), Chilli(Johnson), Sable(Buress) and Jerry(Renner) drop everything in their everyday lives to relive their youth as well as attempt to finally tag Jerry, whom in all thirty years has yet to be tagged.  This time however the guys have a plan.  Take him down during his wedding. Annabelle Wallis plays Rebecca, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal who was caught up in the game during an interview with Hamm’s character.
Based on a true story of five long time friends still engaged in this childhood game,Jeff Tomsic turns a simple game of Tag into a dramatic pulse pounding power struggle for the summer.
Renner steals the scene during every attempt to tag his character. Not much more needs to be said about this movie other than how hilarious it is and how well the movie paces itself with background info and storytelling. Along with a nostalgic soundtrack, TAG brings it back to the trouble free childhood back in the 80’s before there was video games and internet.