SOLO: A Star Wars Story Spoiler-Filled Review


Up until now, Star Wars Fans have learned about the Jedi and their conflict with the Sith. the formation of the empire and the desperate acts of the Rebel Alliance. Finally fans will get their answers to one of the most popular characters in the galaxy, Han Solo. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!

This movie tells the story of Han’s beginning. How he met Chewbacca and finally the explanation of the infamous Kessel Run.
Alden Ehrenreich delivers a great performance as Han. Woody Harrelson plays Beckett, a smuggler who takes Han into his crew and serves as his mentor. They soon meet up with Hans lost love Qi’ra, played by Emilia Clarke who is now working under a crime lord by the name of Dryden Vos, played by Paul Bettany.
In order to stay alive from failing a train heist, Han and Beckett are given the task of stealing raw materials from a secured mine and racing across a treacherous zone to an unsanctioned refinery before the volatile materials explode. In order for the task to be complete, they need a ship fast enough the trip. Qi’ra then brings Han and Becket to a casino where they meet Lando Calrissian, played by Donald Glover. Shortly Afterwards they have Presented with the Millennium Falcon and the crew starts their journey.
As an origin story, Solo did its job in giving the audience some background to the legendary smuggler. At times the film seemed to take on different identities and themes during its run. Each moment seemed to be taken from scenes of past films. Car chases, train heists, gambling scenes, even street racing.
Throw in a few droids, some Stormtroopers here and there and it all becomes part of the Star Wars Universe.  All in all, if you want to know how Han got started, this will give you a pretty good time. If you’re looking for a Star Wars epic, you’re better off just re-watching Rogue One.