Salem – Season 2 Premiere


Channel: WGN
Production Company: Tribune Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Television
Stars: Janet Montgomery, Seth Sabel, Shane West
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
MPAA Rating: TV-MA


(spoiler warning)
If you haven’t watched the first season of Salem, go back and catch up before watching the first episode of Season 2.
Season one, ended with a bang. There was so many twists and turns and “Holy Crap” or even “OMG!” moments.
Janet Montgomery plays Mary Sibley, a very high socialite in Salem. Salem, yea, you know, the original locations of the historical witch burnings. Mary is, well, the town leader…and a witch (you find that out in the first season – sorry).
Tonight’s episode starts where we left off in Season one. Mary’s reunion with her child and now (visitation rights) until she completes the task at hand.
Mercy – is a BAAAADDD Mutha. She wants to be Mary Sibley…so BAD!! I think shit is going to hit the fan something fierce and Mercy is going to get hers!
John Alden (played by Shane West) is ANGRY. So angry, he went back to the Indian Tribe for some new, tricks.
The #witchwar is coming…and Lucy Lawless has joined the cast in Season 2 as Countess Marburg. Interest has doubled.
Ann Hale (played by Tamzin Merchant) is going to come into her own as a witch. I think she is pretty powerful. More powerful than Mary Sibley.

Salem airs Sunday nights at 10pm on WGN. Pretty sure you can catch up on Season one on Hulu and Netflix – HURRY!!!
This season is going to be awesome!!!

Stay Tuned, Heathens!!