Review: The Best of Me


Release Date: October 17, 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sexuality, violence, some drug content and brief strong language)
Studio: Relativity Media
Director: Michael Hoffman
Starring: Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden, Liana Liberato, Luke Bracey, Sebastian Arcelus, Gerald McRaney
Genre: Drama

Honestly, I have seen quite a few emotional movies. I don’t know what was going on this week, but I sure did shed some tears.
With that said, Nicholas Sparks definitely knows how to tug some heart strings. I wonder how he does it???
Amanda (Monaghan) and Dawson (Marsden) are reunited 21 years later, after receiving a phone call from an Estate Attorney.
We watch as the two reunite with some serious tension (from Amanda) and Dawson wanting to apologize (awwee). The film takes us back to high school where we meet the two and basically get a back story on how the ice cooled over.
So, I wasn’t a big fan of High School Amanda, but I get it. She was bull headed and argumentative, but a good catalyst and I mean teenagers (*sigh*). She was basically, the girl across the tracks (as in the girl that comes from money and Dawson was the bad boy that Daddy was not excited for).

I think you will have an immediate attachment to Dawson. I did. To get to know him while he is in high school you end up seeing or foretelling that kind of man he grows to be. Yes, I fell in love with Dawson. I like seeing James Marsden as the “hero”. He makes a delicious one (my, has he grown up – ugh he’s three years older than me!!). Luke Bracey is a standup guy (though he was a pretty yummy sniper in The November Man).

I would have to say, I am a romantic at heart. Just ask my husband (we write love notes to each other)! I walked away from this film wanting to call, well, my first love. I felt the need to reach out to him and say thank you, because I would have never met my husband. That is how much that movie affected me. So, the take away from that one, No matter the pain, love always survives. Love is certainly the true winner, hands down.

This is a date night movie, for sure. Fellas, take your ladies to see this film. Brownie points, because we all love Nicholas Sparks Movies 😉 Don’t forget the tissues!