Pitch Perfect 3 The Perfect Send Off for the Series


In the third installment of Pitch Perfect, Becca (played by Anna Kendrick) and the Bella’s realize that life after college is harder than they thought. As the ladies realize their glory days are now over and how hard “adulting” can be, they long for an opportunity to rekindle the feeling of being champions again and being in the spotlight once more.

When an opportunity arises to perform in a European tour for the USO, they take it. In their tow, commentators John and Gail join them on the adventure and capture the all-female acapella groups life on film in a documentary. Though, it doesn’t come as easy as they anticipated as they uncover that the Bella’s will be competing against three other bands to be the opening act for DJ Khalid.

The former Barton champs rise to the challenge, but not without some bumps along the way. One bump being Fat Amy’s (Fat Patricia) long lost father Fergus superbly played by none other than John Lithgow.

Pitch Perfect 3 was very enjoyable from the riff off and music to the laughable innuendo and physical comedy. There is romance with a touch of awkwardness as only Pitch Perfect can provide us. And, you guessed it, the final farewell as the Barton Bella’s take their final curtain call as all good things come to an end.