My Lonely Me 2015


My Lonely Me
Written By: Joe Scott
Directed By: Joe Scott
Genre: Musical, Drama
Runtime: 96 min
Starring: Sabrina Dickens, John Altman, Jan Anderson and David Corden

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My Lonely Me is an enigmatic movie with a very strong musical soundtrack that this filmmaker is famous for (Tamala Rose, First Time Loser). The imagery in this piece is reminiscent of the lounge singers of old; sirens singing their sorrowful tale to an audience that is captivated by her physical beauty. The way this tale is spun is equally enchanting and has an artistic spin on it. We see the main character played by Sabrina Dickens (Reiga) slowly descend into madness; searching for her origins and why she was slowly losing control of her reality. As a little girl she was found at the doorstep of a convent. The local nuns took her in and raised her. She was a musical prodigy and her life constantly revolved around it. Strange things have been happening during the time of her music finals. Reiga starts to lose control of what is reality and fantasy. She starts to have visions of a mysterious man and her intake of pills given to her by her music tutor, John, have just made her quite manic. After an episode where her boyfriend Sam finds her unconscious, she takes refuge at a convent where she grew up. She begins to go through a journey of her past to find out what has encapsulated her in a perpetual swan song.

The acting was brilliant in this film especially by veteran actress Jan Anderson. Jan has been seen on television in such hit shows as HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Fox’s Prison Break. Her deliciously diabolic portrayal of Polly, the jealous and naughty vixen, gives great depth to the story and is a wonderful complement to the sweet innocent Regia. David Corden another actor in this movie brings to mind the early performances of Donald Sutherland; he’s just doing his job, but you love to hate him.

All in all the movie is a wonderful ride through the music that encapsulates one’s life. All the music composed for this piece resonate a common theme that is embodied perfectly in the opening song. Definitely  a work of art not to be missed.