Movie Review (Black Sea)


RELEASE DATE:January 30, 2015

STUDIO: Focus Features

DIRECTOR: Kevin Macdonald

MPAA RATING: R (for language throughout, some graphic images and violence)


STARRING: Jude Law, Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, David Threlfall

GENRE: Thriller, Adventure


The Black Sea was a movie I’d never heard of until a few weeks before I saw it. I watched the trailer and was instantly grabbed by the feel of the movie. It oozed the type of conflict and tension in the trailer scenes that I look for in a movie with essentially one setting. But, as many of us moviegoers know trailers can be brutally dishonest in their portrayal of the actual movies contents. Well, Jude Law and director Kevin Macdonald give audiences a movie worth seeing.

Jude Law plays Captain Robinson, a submarine captain who in the very first scene is being fired from his job. This is the same company that cost him his family as he stayed away on long expeditions for work. so he’s understandably more than a bit upset by this. One of his friends whom is also a former employee of the same company suggests another way to make a boatload (or in this case a U-boatload) of money. He asks Robinson to lead a submarine of men on a search for lost Nazi gold sitting on a World War II German submarine. The thing is that some of the crew believes that not every man deserves an equal share of the findings and tension and tempers rise among men trapped in a tin can leagues under the sea.

The performances are what keep this one going as most of their interactions come aboard a submarine. So, the language barrier, racism, desperation and greed become the driving forces in this film. The thing is that no one performance is better the next but that they play off each other so well that it all just work. The submarine itself as a setting is instrumental in bringing out the tension. It creates a claustrophobic labyrinth that at anytime can become a metal coffin for all of the characters on board.

I liked the movie. It kept my heart racing and me guessing as to how someone was going to mess up the situation even more. It’s a good one that deserves your money.