Mission: Impossible – Fallout, How Many Times Can Ethan Hunt Save The World?


We know the characters, we know the storyline, and yet here we are for a sixth time with Tom Cruise, a.k.a. Ethan Hunt and his IMF team as they try to save the world from utter destruction and chaos again.

With that being said, this is not a bad film, it’s actually a pretty darn good one, but don’t really expect anything drastically new or game-changing.

The most enjoyable aspects of the film were the returning team members and their interactions. Hunt would be nothing without Luther and Benji, played by Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg. Other returning characters include Hunt’s former team member Ilsa, played by Rebecca Ferguson, and his wife, played by Michelle Monaghan, who we haven’t seen since the third M:I film. These two don’t return in the same straight forward manner as the others and become key roles in the new plot.

Because of the IMF’s track record, Hunt is accompanied by a CIA agent August Walker on this new mission. Walker is played by Henry Cavill, and the back-and-forth machismo that these two put on throughout the film definitely helps keep things entertaining.

Overall, the story develops from the ongoing plotline of the organization introduced in M:I-5, known as the Syndicate, as well as, the psychopath Solomon Lane played by Sean Harris, who Hunt put in prison. There are some twist and turns but for the most part, I found the film to be heavily predictable. Even the action scenes, which were done well, were just too predictable. It’s as if the story is written and then they have an action scene checklist, “motorcycle scene…check, skydive scene…check, airplanes…no, we did that last time, helicopters? …check.”

I believe the film is summed up well, by a quote from Hunt at the end when he says something along the line of, “It’s the usual.”