Marvel’s What if…? Comes Into Its Own


On its own Marvel’s What If…? series is a fascinating anthology series that lets the MCU unfold in a thousand different ways without really affecting the main MCU universe. But all that changed this week. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!



Last week’s episode gave us a glimpse of the shape of things to come as Vision/Ultron burst through a wormhole into Party Thor’s reality and destroyed an otherwise happy moment. But that was just the beginning. As the episode begins with what the world would be like if Ultron had gotten a hold of Vision’s body in Avengers: Age of Ultron the viewer watches a world overrun by an army of Ultrons with only Hawkeye and Black Widow to save it.

But it’s not just Earth that’s in danger. As Ultron becomes more powerful and more aware he destroys every world in his way. If only it would have stayed that way. Ultron finds a way to becomes so self-aware that he, like Doctor Strange before him, notices The Watcher watching and discovers the existence of the multiverse.

With a new purpose, Ultron spreads like a virus through the multiverse infecting who knows how many worlds along the way. And with that, the show finds a new path. It’s no longer just about watching these events unfold it’s about making an effort to save them.

It will be interesting to see this spill over into the live-action world, something which is bound to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Watcher show up in Doctor Strange 2 at all, it would make quite a bit of sense.

Interestingly enough that makes one more person that has managed to screw up the multiverse. Loki releasing Kang is really only a minor blip compared to the damage that’s being done by Peter Parker, Scarlett Witch, and The Watcher. The walls of the multiverse have come crashing down violently letting anyone in that wants to come. Get ready to get even weirder during Phase 5.