‘Lost in Space’ Ep 4 ‘The Robinsons Were Here’: What’s your tag?


So it looks like yes, we’re going to be stuck on this crummy as-yet-to-be-named planet for awhile. Our pals the Robinsons have begun striking out past their own Jupiter 2 spaceship to find other supplies and people, and while the adults do that, the kids are left behind to begin expansion protocols on the ship. Which basically means setting up the equivalent of a temporary spaceship tent, and a perimeter to keep out hostiles.

Mama Bear and John have gone with Judy the doctor to the next downed Jupiter location, to find their friends the Watanabe family and the strays they’ve picked up on the way, the redoubtable Don West, injured Angela, and yes, even Debbie the chicken. It seems Debbie’s a lucky charm, or at least the locator chip implanted in all livestock is, and that was how Don West got them found by the Watanabes.

Suspicion is mounting against the poor Robot, even while he’s showing clear signs of intelligence and even friendship, at least with Will. But what Judy learned from Angela’s wounds tells a pretty bad story, and Will decides to take matters into his own hands as far as the Robot is concerned. Which leaves him quite vulnerable to a certain Dr. Smith’s probing not only his thoughts, but the contents of underneath his bed, too.

In fact, all three Robinson progeny end up taking a nice little walk with the Robot in tow, and a moment to appreciate the beauty in nature has them all staring at the Robot, who joins them in it, in wonder. Where are we going, you ask? A cave, a place to hide the Robot until all this, whatever all this is, is over. But a run-in with some other Jupiter survivors leads to some shady dealings that could get them all into trouble.

Meanwhile Maureen and John and yes Don West too, have gone exploring the crashed bits of what they assume is the Resolute, while Don’s looking for his alcoholic contraband, the Robinson parents are more concerned with communications, which somehow inevitably leads them to being stuck together under a giant satellite all night. At least they have each-other, right? A vinegary bottle of wine, a mostly fond reminiscence, and thou? Something.

The younger Robinsons spend the night in the cave too, and it doesn’t take much convincing from Penny to get the all the kids to make a handprint in red ochre on the wall, to go along with ‘The Robinsons were here’. What is extra nifty and unsurprising is that the Robot makes his own handprint-mark, next to theirs, after observing the ancient human ritual.

Everyone’s striving to get back to the Robinson Jupiter more or less at the same time, and once again, everyone seems to have mostly forgotten about Lady Smith. But she, like any creeper, followed the kidlings to the cave and just has to get the last word in edgewise with the Robot, especially after his only friend Will went and left, and told the Robot to stay there.

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