Logan Lucky Lands on DVD


Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky just landed on DVD and it is well worth seeking out anywhere you can. The film, which brought Soderbergh out of a short retirement, tells the story of two down on their luck North Carolina brothers which plan on plan on making things right again by stealing from a NASCAR race track.

Soderbergh feels like he’s flexing old muscles and playing in the familiar playground of heist films. After the Ocean’s trilogy he knows how to pull of one like clockwork but where everything always fell into place for Danny Ocean, the cast of Logan Lucky don’t get off so easy. Therein lies the fun.

By now Soderbergh has so much clout that he can bring pretty much anyone he wants into the movie and he does just that. The movie is filled with A-listers like Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Adam Driver and Sebastian Stan. Expertly though, he has almost everyone play completely against type. This creates an environment where truly anything can happen and it usually does in the quirkiest of ways.

Unfortunately someone forgot to tell Universal just how good their own movie is because the DVD features are seriously lacking. The movie itself is worth buying but outside of a couple of deleted scenes there really isn’t much to the DVD or blu-ray release of the film. It would have been fascinating to hear Soderbergh and the cast do a commentary on the film or at least a documentary on the production.

Logan Lucky may not have been a blockbuster in theaters (which is a bit of a shock) but there is no doubt that its popularity will grow in time. It’s just weird enough and expertly done enough that it is going to thrive in the VOD and midnight movie market.

Logan Lucky is available now on DVD, blu-ray and all streaming services.