Kill Kill: Noir On A Modest Budget


Release Date: September 28,2013
Runtime: 11 min
Director: Mark Wright
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Short, Noir
Stars: Eric Berner, Dan Garland, Angela Kerecz

Whoever said you need millions of dollars to make a film has really never tried to create before.  There are countless artists who are able to achieve their concepts with very little money. Independent filmmakers are resourceful and a true artist is able to craft that particular work of art to match up exactly.  Mark Wright has been able to put together a solid film that pays homage to the Noir genre through the screenplay as well as the music composition and cinematography. Dan Garland plays an escapee from the local army medical hospital referred to as case 223. The county is alerted of the potential danger that storekeeper Peggy would be involved in, as case 223 is wandering aimlessly through the aisles.  The acting is okay with some of the participants being a little stiff but Garland plays the role of the “psycho-killer” with the finesse of a finely skilled surgeon.  A combination of these elements makes it a good short and I would be interested in seeing the career of Mark blossom as he continues on his path as an independent filmmaker.  Maybe a feature could be in the works.