Future Man


Future Man is the new series executive produced by Seth Rogen. It is pretty much what you would expect from a project with Rogen’s name attached to it.

There’s raunchy, over the top hilarity that runs through almost every scene. The premise is that a regular guy (Josh Hutcherson) who happens to have a terribly demeaning job as a janitor. He also is obsessed with his favorite video game. He daydreams about the world inside of the game that is supposedly impossible to beat.

One fateful day he beats the game and his world is turned upside down when his fantasy becomes reality and he meets his heroes from the game in his room. They tell him that he is the only to beat the game and is the savior of mankind. Of course he doesn’t believe it until they time travel him back in time to help take out the cause of mankind’s demise, his current boss.

Apparently, finding the cure for his own herpes leads to the end of the human race and the uprising of a evil faction called The Biotics. Tiger and Wolf (our time travelers from the future from the game) want to kill the man behind the end of it all but, because he is no killer, Futterman suggests that they find alternative ways to prevent the Apocalypse. These misadventures lead to the multitude of laugh out loud moments in this series. There is a lot of those moments too. Now, the humor won’t be for everybody but for those this appeals to it is funny as all get out.

I found myself missing a few parts due to my laughing for too long at a joke that landed. The contrast between the square and in over his head Futterman and the hardened and oblivious at time Tiger and Wolf is the catalyst for most of the laughs. I also wasn’t sure how the story would work as a series instead of a movie but they did a pretty darn good job with pacing the story along. I was only allowed the first 7 episodes so I’m waiting to see the conclusion of this season and fortunately I won’t have long to wait as this premieres November 14, 2017 on Hulu.