EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with Tiffany Brouwer From The Horde


Tiffany Brouwer snagged the role of Paul Logan’s love interest in her “gory” new horror hit by accident.
We speak to the accidental star of The Horde.
How did you find yourself cast in the role of Selina?
I found myself in the role of Selina actually by accident. I produce as well as act and our offices lent a room out for casting the film The Horde. I just so happened to pop in that day for a quick meeting and next thing I knew I was in the room as well auditioning. My first audition wasn’t for the lead role Selina but Rachel who opens the film and dies almost immediately and offered the role. A week later I received a call the original Lead actress had to drop out from the film and they wanted me to come read for the now available lead role Selina. Only problem was I was at a Packers football game at Lambeau Field. So we held the audition over Skype and next am offered the lead role of Selina.

And for those that haven’t yet caught the movie, how would you describe the character?
Selina is a young, fun, loving teacher who truly cares for her students and loves her man.

The movie is a mix of genres. Is that what appealed to you about The Horde?
It is a mix and most definitely appealed. I love scary and creepy things and add a bit of action to it and you have yourself and entertaining time and great job to work on.

You’re surrounded by some legendary acting veterans – get a chance to know most of them? How were they to work with?
There were a few veterans on the project and all the men were professional and fun to work with. It was fun to see them in character and a bit scary too haha which made my job as an actress easier.

And Paul Logan, of course. How was it to work so intimately with him?
Paul is great. Handsome and professional which made the intimate scenes really smooth and easy.

You two have such wonderful chemistry. Did it come naturally?
Paul is so kind and thoughtful so that definitely made for easy chemistry.

Clearly you’re an actress that doesn’t like to be pigeonholed. Is it important to you not to repeat yourself by doing films of a similar ilk or playing similar characters?
I don’t stress too much importance on trying to not be pigeonholed. There are many films that reach many different audiences and I doubt all of them will have seen every piece of my work so if the project is solid and the role is good I’ll take the experience over turning down opportunity.

The Horde is now available on VOD.