Deadpool 2: Sophomore Slump?


Oftentimes when a highly successful movie or album comes along there’s going to be a follow up to it. I mean, if it worked once it’s gotta work again right? Then you run into something we like to call the sophomore slump.

A term meant to describe the fall off in quality, or impact between the first and second effort from an artist. Sometimes caused by lack of further ideas by the writers where they go to the well too many times with something that worked the first time, complacency or they outright get exposed as a one-trick pony. That was my fear with Deadpool 2. The character is known to be self-aware and to break the fourth wall constantly.These are staples of his comics and initial film but, these pillars of why people love the character could fall flat if improperly handled the second time around. I also was worried that the buzz for this outing was nowhere near as big as the one surrounding his maiden voyage on the big screen.

Why, was no one really talking about this movie leading up to its release like before? Maybe it had to do with Avengers Infinity War coming out and destroying half the cinema universes inhabitants like a box office Thanos. I don’t know but, it just felt muted compared to the last go of it. Well, that worry was all for naught, as Deadpool 2 delivers.

Ryan Reynolds of course still expertly plays Deadpool as it almost feels like he was meant for this role. The addition of Josh Brolin as Cable is a great straight man to D-Pools offbeat comedy and snarky sarcasm.