Cooking Channel’s Cheap Eats Premieres April 21st


Food blogger Ali Khan is on a sweet and savory journey to discover some of the best deals on the best dishes in cities across the country on Cooking Channel’s Cheap Eats, premiering on Thursday, April 21st at 10pm ET/7pm PT. With 12 hours in each location and only $35 to spare, he must find the biggest, most delicious, bang for his buck for breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner. Ali follows his appetite to spots in Albuquerque, Austin, Boulder, Charlestown, Chicago, and Miami to chow down on some of the most flavorful and affordable fare in each destination, meeting the local chefs along the way.

Cheap Eats takes viewers on a budget-conscious culinary tour of the country seeking out great taste for a good price,” said Didi O’Hearn, Senior Vice President Programming, Food Network & Cooking Channel. “Ali Khan is the perfect guide, with his talent for uncovering unique eateries, known only to the locals, rivaled only by his ability to find fantastic deals.”

In each of the six half-hour long episodes, Ali visits a new city to prove that great food does not have to break the bank. Before diving into his plate, Ali gets a lesson from the talented chefs on how to make the delicious dishes, uncovering the ingredients and techniques used to prepare them. From dishes that are just as impressive as the Chicago skyline, to mouthwatering meals in Boulder that are just as magnificent as the Rocky Mountains, to sizzling snacks in Albuquerque that are just as hot as the desert, Ali uncovers the finest flavors and tastiest local delicacies for the best price.

On the premiere episode, Ali reveals some of the best offerings in Austin. First, he enjoys Migas Tacos at a popular roadside stop. Then, he gets schooled on authentic Texas BBQ, before embarking on a buttery journey in baking. Last but not least, he caps off the day with the ultimate Bayou experience that tastes homemade. Ali starts that day with shallow pockets of only $35, but he leaves satisfied with a very full stomach!

For more Cheap Eats across the country fans can visit for the best places to eat, as well as Ali’s favorite cheap burgers. They can also follow Ali as he takes over @CookingChannel Instagram the day of the premiere, and can connect to the conversation on Twitter using #CheapEats.

As the son of South Asian immigrants, Ali Khan learned to embrace exotic cuisine at a young age. It was inevitable that his passion for food shaped his professional career, and led him to become BlackBook Magazine’s Senior Editor of Los Angeles Dining and Nightlife Guide at age 26. In addition, Ali dedicated his writing skills to several popular lifestyle websites, including Urban Daddy, LA TACO, and was a regular contributor to You Gotta Eat This. In 2015, Ali launched the successful blog series Bang For Your Burger Buck. His passion for all things epicurean combined with his B.A. in Theater Studies from University of Southern California led him to Food Network, where he has appeared on Grill It with Bobby Flay, Best Thing I Ever Made, and on a forthcoming episode of Chopped Junior. When Ali is not traveling the country to discover Cheap Eats, he resides with his wife and son in Austin, Texas.

Cheap Eats is produced by Sirens Media, A Leftfield Entertainment Company.