Comic-con 2021 @ Home presents: Masters of the Universe Revelation


Based on the lines of Mattel toys and cartoon series from the 1980’s, the new cartoon show comes to us from the worlds biggest fanboy, who else, Kevin Smith!

Smith gleefully tossed a trailer for the show that’s already out on Netflix to watch RIGHT NOW, and then introduced the major players of the panel! Chris Wood stars as the voice of Prince Adam and He-Man; Sarah Michelle Gellar is the voice of Teela, the kingdoms Man-at-Arms; the voice of a brand-new character Lieutenant Andra, the only other Smith that matters in the world, Tiffany Smith; and the well-known Candyman himself, Tony Todd, voicing Scare Glow.

Of course, Kevin Smith had to ask how familiar all the panelists were with the source material before doing the show, and SMG responded that when she was younger cartoons were geared more male- or female-centric, and therefore while she didn’t watch a lot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, she did grow up a fan of Skeletor, which must say a lot about her that she wouldn’t want to talk about in a panel. Tiffany Smith replied that she watched and loved those same Saturday-morning cartoons like He-Man and She-Ra and even produced some ancient beloved She-Ra action figures as proof. And dear Tony Todd, who didn’t watch the original cartoons because by that point he was out in New York hustling for his acting career, says he’s done Cons and knows the passion of fans who need every single last piece of fandom for a project they love, like this one.

All the panelists seemed to be happy to have a huge fan of the original show and toy line as their Netflix executive producer and showrunner, so it was thanks to Teddy that Kevin Smith gushed, “We can’t fail like we won’t let down the fans of the original franchise because we’ve got a huge fan of the original franchise who still has every last toy on display in his house guiding us!”

Even though he wasn’t able to be on the panel, of course, it bears mentioning that this new incarnation of Skeletor will be voiced by the Man himself, Mark Hamil! The original voice of Skeletor from the 80’s cartoons, Alan Iverson, was even brought to the new show to voice Moss-Man. Also not on the panel but always worth a mention, Henry Rollins will be voicing Tri-Klops, who in this version of Masters of the Universe in Skeletor’s absence has remade Snake Mountain into a technological church, embraced technology, and abandoned magic entirely.

Chris Wood talked about having to give two entire performances, of both Prince Adam and He-Man, in his somewhat normal speaking voice but higher for Adam and more in-the-chest-BOOM for He-Man, like Bruce Wayne and Batman.

To finish up, Kevin Smith reminded us of the immortal words of Teddy the eternal MOTU-fan when talking about the new show: “These cartoons in the ‘80s are made to sell toys, this iteration gets to use an incredibly rich IP Mattel has made. Teddy was like, look at the treasure trove of characters you have, the bench is as deep as Marvel or DC. All I ask is that you treat them like Shakespeare – don’t treat ‘em goofy, don’t make fun of ‘em, don’t be ironic. When I (Teddy) watched every episode of (the original) Masters of the Universe, I thought Skeletor was gonna kill He-Man, make me believe there are stakes, real stakes, again. “ And that’s what this new show Revelation does!

Say the glorious lines right along with He-Man and catch Masters of the Universe Revelation on Netflix now!