Cinderella – The Fairytale


Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writer: Chris Weitz
STARRING: Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, Stellan SkarsgÄrd, Derek Jacobi, Nonso Anozie, Holliday Grainger,Lily James, Richard Madden, Sophie McShera
MPAA Rating: PG
GENRE:Fantasy, Family


The motto through out the movie: Have Courage and Be Kind.
I think that everyone should adopt that motto in their life.
I loved the fresh faced Lily James as Ella. She really did bring Cinderella to life. You begin to love her when she was a child. You see the love she is showered with and returns. It’s refreshing. The definition of family, is Ella’s, before the stepmother comes into the picture.
What I like about this version of Cinderella, the Prince was not portrayed as a spoiled royal. He was kind and courageous and loved his father.
Oh Lady Tremaine…..Cate Blanchett always plays a wonderful villain. I have never seen so MUCH jealousy for Ella in the other stepmothers, especially from Ever After. Okay…and envy. Compared to Angelica Huston, I liked Cate Blanchett as Ella’s stepmother. Her laugh killed me, but she made stepmother and mother look easy.
I was more excited to see Helena Bonham Carter! It was nice to see her out of the dark and into the light. She was comedic and vibrant.

I loved this version of Cinderella! This is a great Mommy-Daugther movie or a great date night movie. I most certainly would watch this one!! The fashion was vibrant and colorful. Beautifully made dresses and the colors. Wait until you see the castle!!!!
Take your daughters and go see this one!!