C2E2 2018: Lloyd Kaufman Talks Troma and The Toxic Avenger Musical


Saturday night marks the world premiere of screening of The Toxic Avenger, a Broadway musical event at C2E2. Before the lights go up That’s My Entertainment got the chance to talk with the legendary Lloyd Kaufman.

Kaufman is an indie filmmaking pioneer and the founder of the low-budget powerhouse Troma Entertainment. In 1985, Kaufman and Troma experienced cult classic status with the release of The Toxic Avenger. The off-beat film inspired two sequels, a Saturday morning cartoon, comic books and more. That’s My Entertainment sat down with Kaufman at C2E2 to talk about how the cult film became a Broadway musical.

Toxic Avenger was made into a movie and a cartoon and a ton of children’s toys,” explains Kaufman. “Some students in Portland, OR wanted to do a musical called The Toxic MusiKILL. They had done some work for us in on Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. I gave them the rights for free and let them do it and it was pretty damn good.”

Not to be simply a one off event the concept of a Toxic Avenger musical took hold elsewhere over the years. “Another producer, slightly more impressive, decided to produce Toxic Avenger: The Musical and it played in Omaha for six or eight weeks and go pretty good reviews. Some Broadway guys saw that one, they had made Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. They gave us some money for the rights and they signed up David Bryan from Bon Jovi and they signed up Tony Winner Joe DiPietro to write the book and I can take absolutely no credit for the fact that the musical is wonderful,” Kaufman states humbly.

To see the world premiere screening of the Toxic Avenger musical head over to Room S405a this Saturday at C2E2 Chicago.