Batman: Gotham by Gaslight



Based on the Elseworlds title of the same name Gotham By Gaslight recreates the Caped Crusader’s home and poses the question, what if the world of Batman took place during the Victorian Age? In this story the The Bat must match wits with none other than Jack The Ripper.

As night falls, numerous ladies of the evening have fallen victim to The Ripper. Some say that it is the work of the notorious Bat who prowls the streets. The only evidence is the bloody remains of the assailants prey. Its up to the caped cruder to uncover the truth of the brutal slayings and secure the dark streets of of the city.

The original story was done by the Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola. The world of Batman has been reimagined as a time during the Victorian era as it begins to usher in the industrial revolution. The once peaceful Gotham has been engulfed by factories and tall buildings. Horses an buggies fill the streets, and the absence of streetlights make things much more dangerous for those individuals who dare venture out after dark.

As the world had changed, the characters roles’ remain intact, Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Alfred,Selina Kyle and the rest still remain their respected positions. This was to be the first in a long line of stories which take place in alternate timelines for the DC Universe.

Director Sam Liu has brought the dark streets of Victorian Gotham to life in this R-rated murder mystery, namely for scenes of violence and some blood. Compared to he recent Batman Animated films. With great acting and an engaging storyline, Gotham by Gaslight focuses more on the detective aspects rather than the usual action packed beat downs by the Caped Crusader. Audiences will be captivated and marveled by the suspense before wowed by the action. This move is definitely one for the collection.