Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Ep 6 Tales from the Rift’: Ruthless Ruby rules!


A boy’s best friend is his mother, right? In the case of rapidly evolving demon-baby Ash clone, whose ‘mother’ happens to be the dastardly Ruby, even removing a limb isn’t too much for beloved mom to demand. That just means its likely the meat chainsaw limb will show back up somewhere to wreak prehensile havoc on its own.

Why Kelly thought going after Ruby on her own, even armed with that infernal Kandarian dagger, would be a good idea, we have no idea. It’s not a spoiler to note that not only is Ruby always plotting to her own advantage, she’s more or less known as immortal. So a fistfight, a weaponed fight, even one armed with the Kandarian dagger and the righteous fury of the Ghostbeaters, it hardly looks as though Kelly stands a ghost of a chance!

So it seems as though Dalton was only the advance scout for the further Knights of Sumeria, and when a whole gang of them show up on Ash’s doorstep to take a knee in his service, what else can the great Ash Williams do but take it as his due and offer to help them. Mostly. This whole leading the Knights of Sumeria into the eternal battle against evil in the Deadlands plan, isn’t sitting too well with our hero just yet.

We check back in on the fight between Ruby and Kelly, which is still on-going. Kelly’s taken damage, and it looks like Ruby’s worse off for the fight, but this is only another round, not the final battle. Ruby has a plan, and if that involves the sacrifice of any of the Ghostbeaters or even worse things, she’ll do it regardless. Because in this instance, Ruby has to be short for ruthless.

Pablo is working on taking this new role as the Brujo Especiale and running with it, anything to help the jefe fight evil. And inevitably, when Pablo meets up with our hero and his new acolytes in the basement of grandpa’s warehouse covered in Necronomicon writing, only the Brujo Especiale could open a rift to the Deadlands, where the final battles are likely to commence!

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