Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3, Ep. 2 ‘Booth Three’: All About The Seeds, Baby


Our favorite haphazardly-named Ghostbeaters are back! Kind of. Our hero Ash Williams is here, with the ever-loyal Pablo at his side and Kelly’s finally shown back up too, but we’ve also added a few new players. Check the pull on your chainsaw, and let’s dive into Ash Versus Evil Dead Season 3, Ep 2.

So the new guy, Dalton, is a self-proclaimed Knight of Sumeria. Guess what they do? He tells lots of fascinating history of the order and appears to be ready to kick deadite ass, though our male Ghostbeaters are sketchy on automatically adding him to the team.

Brandy, the daughter of Candace Barr from the previous episode, insists despite Ash’s overtures she needs to go to school and talk to her favorite person other than her mom. Mrs. Prevett the guidance counselor sports a very familiar face.

In a fatherly frame of mind, Ash decides to visit one of his old stomping grounds, a sperm donation center. He’s going to to charm his way into familial information. Everything keeps coming back for Ash’s seeds, in several different wacky manners when Deadites storm the sperm bank!

And finally, just because Pablo’s tattoos are blazing black again, doesn’t mean he’s still an evil Necronomicon device sent to destroy everyone, okay?! Where’s a naked shaman woman when you need one! Stay tuned for our next recap of Ash Versus Evil Dead, Season 3 Episdode 3!