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‘Lost in Space’ Ep 3 ‘Infestation’: “And I’m never eating unagi again!”

Welcome back aboard the, what number was it again, Jupiter 2 I think it was, and the trials and tribulations of the Robinsons and their guests! The Robinsons have their own internal and external issues, as always, but this episode begins with Lady Smith’s background,...

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 3 Ep 10 ‘The Mettle of Man’: Hail to the King, and the Ghostbeaters, baby!

So the end of the world really is upon us, yes again, and it’s up to Ashy Slashy to save the day! And night, and the nowheresville town of Elk Grove, and what’s left of the people in it. Because really, between the 60-some-foot-high...

Avengers: Infinity War Was it Worth the Wait?

Do people even remember a time when it was absolutely impossible to see a good superhero movie? (Dolph Lundgren Punisher?) Let alone a TV show (Generation X?). Well, I do and I hope we never return go that dark period in history again. Although,...

Forged in Geekdom: Episode 1 Marvel Universe Assemble!

Jordan Brandes is on the premiere episode of our new podcast Forged in Geekom. He started watching the Marvel Universe movies from the first release of Iron Man and continues on the time line based on the release of the films. It's a great way...

‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Season 2 Ep 4 ‘The Ersatz Elevator Part 2’: No more parsley sodas!

What to do, what to do, when you’ve found a pair of missing triplets down an elevator shaft in a cage, that technically isn’t supposed to exist at all? Our Baudelaires are wondering the same thing, and things have gotten even weirder if that...

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 3, Ep 9 ‘Judgment Day’: “I’m Ashy-Slashy’s daughter!”

Aw come on y’all, really? The world is apparently coming to an end here in the nowhere town of Elk Grove, just like it did more than a decade ago in a cabin in the woods, where a bunch of ill-informed people decided to...

‘Suicide Squad Hell to Pay’: Heavens just not in your cards

Return with us to the wonderful world of Suicide Squad, that rag-tag gang of villains and thugs and baddies that Amanda Waller put together as a last resort, to do the kind of nasty missions only scum are best at. Though never called Suicide Squad,...

Lean on Pete Review

Life hurts. Facile films use this truth to extract drama. The worst of them exploit the characters, and in turn, the audience, for effect. One comes out of the theater feeling used and with a bitter taste in your mouth. Writer/Director Andrew Haigh’s coming of...

Super Troopers 2 Is A Sequel Done Right

Sequels are always a touchy subject for any true fan. You either love or hate it based on how well the second film develops with the characters you’ve grown to appreciate so much. Take out an actor or stray too far from the first...

‘Lost in Space’ Ep 2 ‘Diamonds in the Sky’: Seriously guys, what’s with the chicken?

Hey, remember how there was no Dr. Smith anywhere to be found in the first episode? You’re in luck because a good deal of the first half of episode two deals almost exclusively with that character! Sort of. Onward we go. So Don West (Ignacio...

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