The Handmaid’s Tale ( 2017)


Release date: 26 April 2017
Creator: Bruce Miller
Production Co: MGM Television
Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski

A Hulu Original Series,  The Handmaid’s Tale is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. This is TWISTED. What in the world! did I just watch in this first episode? These Handmaid’s are crazy!

Okay, the concept of it – Handmaids used as reproductive surrogates, in a more oppressed government. So, instead of what we have today, women who volunteer to be surrogates for those who cannot have children, these are women who are practically forced to be surrogates. Forced as in, these women were picked up and sent to a center to be more docile then assigned to “families” as the surrogate.

There, the male spouse would have sexual relations with the Handmaid with the wife present. A taboo threesome? Maybe. Though there are willing participants in a threesome. So, this situation? I can’t imagine. I was apprehensive to watch this, but I am taking a break from watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix, so I am catching up on my regular shows on Hulu.

I watched the second episode, and it was just, crazy. I mean…holy cow. The concept of surrogacy is insane. Okay, the rules are odd. As in, the handmaid who is pregnant goes through the whole process of birthing. And – apparently, the wife also goes through the labor process. Say What now??!!! You guys, this is a crazy show!

So then, I watched the third episode. Oh man! Tell me you have Hulu and you are watching it with me? No? WHY!!! Okay, so the the third episode, gives you some background as to how Offred (Moss) and the rest of the women (of the nation) lose their property and individual rights. It literally goes back to – what Medieval era, where women cannot own property and are meant to birth and take care of the home. EXCUSE ME! I’ll tell you what, they weren’t about the “gender traders.” How rude!

Controversial? Maybe. Am I going to continue to watch it, TOTALLY!