NYTVF: The Women of The Deuce


Last night the women of HBO’s hit series The Deuce discussed what exactly it means to portray a woman not just in the sex industry but during the early days of mainstream porn in 1970s New York.

Series producer and star Maggie Gyllenhaal, executive producer and director Michelle MacLaren, executive producer Nina K. Noble, and Senior Vice President of HBO Programming Kathleen McCaffrey were all in attendance.

“The thing that surprised me, we talked to several porn stars from that era and they were very proud of what they created and what they did and they should be,” MacLearn told the audience. “It doesn’t mean that all of them had positive outcomes, but the ones that we talked to were very proud of this industry that they created and that changed my thinking of what they had done and how they approached it and what they accomplished.”

That unique perspective is what makes a show like The Deuce rise above the rest, especially when dealing with such a risqué topic such as porn.

“I realized that these women are survivors, and not all of them make good choices. Some make really bad choices. Some of them have no choice; they’re in horrible situations. For the most part, they’re surviving in these impossible situations, and I was inspired by them,” she said.

The Deuce airs Sundays on HBO.