Nothing Stops The Free Guy


Nothing entertains like a Ryan Reynolds action comedy.

Guy is an ordinary person who works at a cushy bank job, has a best friend named Buddy and lives each day with a smile on his face.

What the audience sees is completely different. Free City (the place where Guy lives) is actually a sandbox video game created by developer Antoine (Taika Watiti). There are characters that wear sunglasses that ravage the city every day. They terrorize citizens, rob stores and banks and none of the citizens give it a second thought. They actually generalize these beings as “heroes”.

This is the life of an NPC (non player character) in Free City and no one has ever thought about anything different, except Guy. Guy wants someone to share and change his life with.

One day, while leaving work with Buddy he sees her. A brunette with an attitude and secretive disposition. He breaks his routine and follows her only to lose her in the pursuit. He can’t stop thinking about her and Buddy advises him that she is a sunglasses person and they only congregate with other sunglasses people.  As the bank was being robbed as usual, Guy grabs the sunglasses off the robber and puts them on. From that point, Guy’s world will change forever.

It’s like Truman Show meets Ready Player One. This story is plenty entertaining with the usual Ryan Reynolds antics combined with the comedic genius of actors like Taika Watiti. One would never realize its truly a gamer’s love story written in code underneath a fully realized action movie.

The cameos were abundant; ranging from Hugh Jackman to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Marvel Universe references were abundant as well but we will keep those a secret. There were also other various video game references like the Scorpion tank from Halo, the mega buster from Mega Man, and the portal gun from Portal.

As far as entertainment goes this film is a definite must see with nods to current and retro pop culture references and a ton of stunts to keep you entertained.


Free Guy releases August 13 in Theaters