Iron Fist Season 2 Part 1


I will be doing the review of Iron Fist in two parts. The first part will cover episodes 1-6 and the other half and overall will follow at a later date. Now that that’s out of the way let’s talk some Immortal Iron Fist!

Danny Rand is back and he’s…moving furniture? Yeah, that’s right since Mr. Rand gave up living off of his family fortune he’s gotta make a living somehow. But, that doesn’t mean he can’t crack a few heads and that’s what we see almost right away in initial episode. We get the glowiest of fists showing some criminals who’s boss in the first 10 minutes of the start of season 2. The improvement in the action sequences especially in the area of Danny appearing to be a far better martial artist. That was a huge criticism from the first season and a welcome upgrade.

Danny and Collen have officially become a thing and co-habitating so of course she gets caught in the middle of everything. Theres also the mysterious Mary who seems to have a little crush on Danny. You also have, Ward and Joy back in the fold and bringing their own type of Meachum craziness to the whole situation.

Misty Knight also plays a large part in the first half of this season because of her connection to Colleen and Danny getting her a new arm. Of course, the police connection comes in to play as a Triad war breaks out in the part of town Danny’s protecting. But, that’s not the only danger lurking as Danny’s brother from Kun Lun,Davos is back to claim what he believes is rightfully his, The Iron Fist. What lengths will he go to in order to get it?

The established characters such as Joy and Ward get a bit more depth to them. We see Ward seek to become a better person and Joy embraces her hatred for the actions of Ward and Danny from season one. The cast displays these changes in character pretty and settles in to them pretty well.

With the vast amount of issues mounting and improvements in the action sequences, it appears as though Marvel learned their lesson in the seemingly rushed rollout of Iron Fist maiden season and took their time to really invest in telling a quality tale involving Danny Rand and his cohorts. It’s only the first six episodes but, it shows a lot of promise and can hopefully cleanse the bad taste left in the mouths of comic fans.