Constantine Review


Channel: NBC
Stars: Matt Ryan, Charles Halford, Harrold Perrineau
Production Company: Warner Brothers, DC Comics


The Film that starred Keanu Reeves has made it to Prime Time Friday night TV on NBC. Warner Brothers and DC Comics again has brought another character to life. I like Matt Ryan as John Constantine. He’s definitely more powerful in this show than in the movie. Ahhh…the power of old latin. In this, the preface is that John commits himself to a mental institution after the death of young Astra, the daughter of a friend who was taken by demons. You can see that he struggles intently with the death of the child. His Guardian, Manny (Perrineau), is a different Angel. Apparently, not found in the comic books, so this is a different twist. I am interested in the character artist Zed Martin…who comes up at the end of the first episode. Now, you all know I am huge Keanu Fan, but wow Matt Ryan is amazing with his hot accent and stoic personality.Definitely more forceful in his act sending damned souls back to Hell. He is who John Constantine should be. This is going to be an amazing show!! Perfect for Halloween…