Talkin’ Toons Returns!


Cartoon fans from all over Los Angeles gathered at Flapper’s Comedy Club Monday night to get “Animan-y” and “Totally Insane-y” at the return of Rob Paulsen’s hit podcast, “Talkin’ Toons”.

Paulsen, best known for his roles in Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, began “Talkin’ Toons” as labor of love to give back to all the young artists that are passionate about voice acting and want to join the the business themselves. Each week, Paulsen meets with one or more guest actors to talk about their careers and what they did to get where they are today. Since it’s inception, “Talkin’ Toons” has undergone various transformations including an audio podcast, a live comedy show, and even an on-camera web-series.

Getting back to the roots of performing the show live, Paulsen gathered a slew of guests from the cast of “Transformers: Rescue Bots”. Guests included Lacey Chabert, Maurice LaMarche, Shannon McKain, Steve Blum, Parvesh Cheena, DC Douglas, Imari Williams, and LeVar Burton. Each of the actors shared stories from their recording sessions, what is was like to work with one another, as well as what a family they’ve all become. They also each shared their experiences on other shows individually and what prepared them for each.

All in all, Talkin’ Toons still proves to be a vibrant, funny, and insightful podcast guaranteed to satisfy, and maybe even educate, any aspiring voice actor.