“Ready Or Not!” The Team Behind V/H/S Is Back


You can tell right out of the gate that the production staff was NOT kidding around with this film!

With the opening shot opulence is well established. We see ornate woodwork, beautiful panes of glass, extravagant details. we are previously beautiful craftsmanship of a of a house that could only have come about through years of acquired wealth. Every element of this house, every accent, every detail was meant to astound and impress.

The audience is invited to a beautiful wedding,  where it is obvious that no expense was spared. There are plenty of guests, exquisite flowers, a backyard that goes on for miles, the kind of things that you would expect from a family of this kind of wealth and prominence, however there, of course, has to be a darker side or else why would you be here. this truth is related best through the horrible visage of bitterness personified, the aunt. This hellish harpy make it her soul purpose to intimidate our young bride ( I think EVERYONE was freaked out by her).

Now the rest of the family is a hodgepodge of personalities ranging from feigned kindness to downright evil.

After the wedding, but before the honeymoon, there is a game that MUST be played! This, is the initiation into the family!

There is a story told, a magic box produced, a card is drawn and now the “fun” begins! The family reveals themselves to be terrible and wicked, people with a horrifying tradition of murders adventure. Young and old alike participate, none are excluded, and for the rest of the movie it is secret passageways, torment, and torture all in the name of this family tradition.

The pain flows freely in this movie and come from all sides and in many forms. Throughout the film there are many narrow escapes and moments that will have you gripping your seat with the hope of escape for our young heroin, played by Samara Weaver. it is also very clear that there are few members of the family who aren’t really about the tradition who had a nice change of pace to the rush. However do not misunderstand people drop like flies in this film and sometimes with a little flare of the humorous.

The movie, takes the pace other childhood namesake combining it with the adrenaline of tag, however it takes both of these games and turns them right on their ear!