DC Universe: Swamp Thing – The Long Walk Home


I’m very mixed about this episode. On one hand, I do enjoy seeing Avery (Will Patton) finally meeting Swamp Thing (Derek Mears). On the other hand, damn Swamp Thing took a stupid pill this episode. Well, okay a lot of characters this episode took a stupid pill. Not to mention there should be no way Avery could have survived the stuff from the last episode, but as it teased near the end of it: he did– sadly.

That and we get an answer as why the CDC were okay with Abby’s (Crystal Reed) time after the epidemic had ended. Turns out they weren’t, as Abby’s boss (Andrea Barbeau)grills her hard for it. That and we learn more about the character introduced last episode who dined with Maria and Woodrue (Kevin Durand), Nathan (Michael Beach), who is the head of the Conclave organization that was teased in the third episode, and he sure as heck exerts himself this episode.

This episode just continues off the buzzkill the last one ended on and we go deep into why Avery is the man he is. Honestly, I’m kind bored with Avery’s shenanigans. I kind of wished the Sheriff and her kid had actually did the deed. Would have been better, more so since now there’s so many characters mulling around.

That said, it just feels like almost everyone got stupider this episode. Abby is wondering how Nathan knew about Alec. I mean there’s only three  people she told. One was this very episode, and the least trustworthy person amongst her inner circle. It isn’t really hard to figure out WHO it was. Speaking of one of her friends, so we’re just not gonna acknowledge that Harlan (Leonardo  Nam) just is kidnapped and– never mentioned again in the episode?  Like you think Nathan could have mentioned that to get Abby to play ball more for her?

Heck, why did it have to be Nathan? He could just been silent and have Andrea Barbeau’s character do the grilling on Abby. It almost feels set up that way, and hey it would made more sense since you have Andrea “freaking” Barbeau in the episode. But nope she’s in and out, and the appearance just feels like a waste. I WANTED MORE! You’d think more Avery’s little delusions before he runs into Alec could have been cut for this? Ugh.

It was a bit neat seeing the Conclave goons confront Swamp Thing, but um– what happened to the control of the swamp? You’d think Alec would exert more of that power and make mincemeat out of these guys. Plus did it really have to be Avery who begins to take him down? I mean come on! Why not given Woodrue some of that.

Really, other than the confrontation Avery has with Alec, it’s his scene with Woodrue is the only three highlights (the other being Abby telling Harlan about Alec).For the briefest of moments, I did enjoy Avery thinking of actually curing Alec before the devil that Woodrue has become tell him otherwise.

I just feel so darn disappointed in the direction the show is going for the most part. I figured it could go in a crazier direction, but it just feels so darn safe. With some of the characters taking some massive leaps in judgment (SERIOUSLY, why in the heck would Alec even trust Avery after all we’ve seen and what the swamp has told him). ARGH!! This episode was so disappointing. .