DC Universe: Swamp Thing – Loose Ends


So here we are. The final episode of the series. Darn shame since the potential for it to be more is there and of course the series does end in some finality. Some. For an episode called “Loose Ends” there are so many loose ends left. Sadly, an actual end we’ll never get. What we got. Wasn’t bad. Just that it was like any TV series. Sometimes it gets another season. Sometimes it doesn’t and it leaves one hanging wanting more.

I do kind want more. Even if there was some finality to some characters. We did get an end for about all but two characters. Not surprisingly, both are the antagonists of the show. I mean seriously what the hell is up with that last scene with Avery (Will Patton)? Like what the hell? On the other hand, I guess his personal hell has just begun.

Then there’s Jason Woodrue (Kevin Durand). Throughout the series we’ve seen this man who was a accomplished scientist find something, and become increasingly obsessed with it. Going to a new insane length for it. Whelp, this episode the final domino falls and Woodrue becomes what he was destined in the comics to be. The real crime is we’ll never see this version of Woodrue go against Swamp Thing (Derek Mears).

The thing is though, I did like the closure we got in this episode between where Swamp Thing is currently, and what he once was in Alec Holland (Andy Bean). Add to that the final scene he has with Abby (Crystal Reed). It truly did feel a nice end for both their characters. About the best end they could get given how abruptly the show was axed.

I really have to say Mears did a fantastic job as Swamp Thing. The suit, and his acting was just note perfect for the character. I mean Dick Durlock was the 80s and early 90s Swamp Thing, but Mears taps into that same character so well. I hope like Durlock, if there ever is another media version that they get Mears back. Cause damn he was good in this show.

I wish the same for Abby, but with what we get here. Abby does get some good moments. I just well, we get some damn finality with Harlan. I mean come on! How can they not give us some finality with that? Is he safe? Everyone got some end, but poor Harlan is in a freaking Conclave cell or something. Why didn’t he get some finality dammit?!

On another note. Damn did it treat the older set of female characters in this dirty. I mean I get that Maria (Virginia Madsen) opened a pandora’s box of bad spirits. And she sort of gets a happy ending. If you can call being stuck in the nut house for the rest of your life, with your mind broken. Then there’s the poor Sheriff (Jennifer Beals) who was dirty, but damn that was such a brutal end for her. Like damn. I just had to pause the video given how nasty her fate was in this series. Least Liz (Marie Sten) got out with a happy end and was safe from the crazy this series had. I figured given she was the noisy reporter that was a death warrant on these sorts of shows.

There was some damn fine performances all around by many (Mears, Reed, Sten, Patton, Beals, Bean, and Wade).  Hell, Henderson Wade deserves so much for taking such a cliché character that he was stuck with and made it work. His end was the worst because just when you thought everything was safe as those damn credits rolled. Bam! We get an end credit sequence. It was a nice teaser but again, nothing will probably ever come for it.

For what it was, Swamp Thing was a very entertaining horror series with that superhero twist to it. In many ways it reminded me very much of the early 90s show. A pity it wasn’t allowed to grow like that was for several seasons. But for what we got it was very pretty and I can easily see this becoming a cult classic TV show that many will look back on fondly. It did tell a mostly cohearant story from beginning to end. It did things with the character in other media it never tried. So for that I’m glad it told the tale it did. I just wish it ended on a somewhat better note for some. Like Harlan…. Poor Harlan.