A Quiet Place 2 Is a Worthy Sequel


Before I get too deep into my review the reader should be aware that I went into A Quiet Place: Part II having not seen the first one. That being said, it is still a fantastic film that even those new to the franchise like myself will thoroughly enjoy.

The core concept of the film works because of its simplicity. Yes there are scary monsters but they play by very specific rules. Sound is bad, that’s all you need to navigate this new world. The second film does a great job laying the groundwork of the world early on before expanding the universe ever so slowly. It is hard not to get a Walking Dead vibe from the film as it takes us beyond the family farm into the unknown.

Once the family gets beyond the confines of the farm where so much of the first film took place the action starts to propel forward. Cillian Murphy plays their neighbor who has been through hell since the aliens arrived and he wears his pain on his sleeve. As always, his acting is wonderful to watch and he takes what would have been a mundane role in anyone else’s hands into a powerful performance.

Despite the straightforward premise of the film it is clear there is a lot more story to tell. We’ve only scratched the surface of this world and though it feels like there’s a conclusion on the horizon it wouldn’t be hard to expand the story for at least another film or two.

The question now is whether or not to see it on the big screen. Having seen it in theaters you feel the tension more and the jump scares hit you harder. That being said, this is still a movie where quiet is key. It might make more sense to watch this at home where you can control the sound levels around you. A group of talking theaters goers can easily ruin a film like this if you’re not careful.