Comic Con 2017:Things Get Strange at the Awesome Little Green Men Paintball Event


MGA Entertainment Inc. is set to release its newest collectible toy franchise, Awesome Little Green Men on Aug. 1 nationwide.

A wonderful mix of tabletop gaming and collectible toys, Awesome Little Green Men provides a modern approach to playing with classic Army men. It combines humor and strategy to captivate the minds of a new generation with cute characters with a pop vinyl feel. With over 100 characters sporting colorful names like Private Insurance, Major Boo-Boo, and General Destruction, they’re sure to become a favorite among children and adults. While the collectible aspect cannot be ignored, the added component of structured gameplay gives the figures an added purpose.

We got our first glimpse of the game at the recent Awesome Little Green Men launch event at the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park.  Several tables were set up for guests to play the game and give their thoughts directly to Lead Game Producer, Rick DeMott. One little girl squealed as she discovered one of the characters, a red-haired girl named Sergeant Pow, looked just like her. She would come to find out that the game boasts more than a dozen female characters, with more in the works. The game is brilliantly simple: Attack the enemy goal with your soldiers and try not to be eliminated in the process. There are methods for tuning up the difficulty of the game by adding in obstacles, increasing the play area, and scaling down the size of the enemy goal.

“The physical element is one of the things that differentiates the game from other card games. The figures and the flicking gives you the feeling of playing out the scenario and is more immersive than your typical game.” says DeMott.While dozens of children played with the figures, the military guests took to the paintball field with celebrity guest Caleb McLaughlin to bring the game to life. Also in attendance were two veteran paintball players, Paul ‘Mage’ Burke and myself, to help guide players on the field.

McLaughlin, who plays Lucas on the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, spent the afternoon alternating between paintball games, playing Awesome Little Green Men and mingling with his young fans. With the Season two premiere just around the corner he was peppered with questions regarding his character and his castmates.McLaughlin took it in stride and assured them that this season would be even better than the first.

Awesome Little Green Men Blind Boxes (MSRP $3.99) include one mystery soldier and one dog tag with chain. The Battalion Starter Packs, which come in your choice of Green Army or Blue Army, (MSRP $12.99) include three soldiers, one mystery soldier and four dog tags. The Deluxe Battle pack (MSRP $24.99) includes three rare vehicles, three soldiers, two mystery soldiers and five dog tags and has all the pieces necessary to begin playing with a friend.

Stranger Things season two is set to be released Friday, October 27.

Written by: Callista Moseley

Photos: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images