Kingsman: The Golden Circle A Fun Continuation of the Franchise


The Kingsman franchise is not your typical comic book movie. It is packed with extreme violence, foul language, and an undeniable cool factor that permeates every single scene. It is James Bond on acid and man is the trip a good one. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!

The Kingsman have moved on with Eggsy as their greatest asset out in the field. He is dating Princess Tilde after he rescued her at the end of the first film. Things are looking up for good old Eggsy. That is, of course, until everything associated with The Kingsman is blown to smithereens. Only Eggsy and Merlin survive this assault on their agency and now look for answers. Answers that will be found in… Kentucky? Yes, that is absolutely correct ! The great Blue Grass State is home to The Kingsman U.S. of A counterpart, The Statesman. Together they must find and shutdown the threat to The Kingsman’s existence.

The returning characters of Eggsy and Merlin are once again played deftly by Taron Egerton and Mark Strong respectively. I liked what they did with Eggsy as his character shows growth this time out. He is a devoted boyfriend and highly efficient agent. Merlin has to step up as a guiding light for Eggsy while he needs him the most. It requires him to step out of his comfort zone behind his computer screen. It allows for a deeper look into who he is. The Statesman are made up of Agents Whisky (Pedro Pascal), Tequila (Channing Tatum), Champagne (Jeff Bridges) and Ginger (Halle Berry). Tatum receives pretty big billing to only show up very few times in the movie. He seem as if he could be an option for future sequels. Whiskey is the most active through out film as far as Statesman agents are concerned. Pascal plays Whiskey fairly well and his attempt at southern charm is over the top but that what the movie needed.

The action is frenetic and the camera work through those scenes only amplifies it. The music during the scenes also compliment the feeling of the chaos perfectly. Overall, this film doesn’t surpass the original but it matches it on my enjoyment scale. Oh, and there’s a certain “Rocket Man” (no… not Kim Jong Un #donnytgotbars) that makes a hilarious appearance. Kingsman: The Golden Circle grabs a solid 4 out of 5 stars from me.